Orhan Kalaycı

Senior Instructor & Trusted Advisor

Orhan Kalaycı

Senior Instructor & Trusted Advisor


Orhan is the only DASA DevOps certified instructor in Turkey!

Freelance senior instructor and consultant on DevOps, PMP, CBAP, ITIL, SCRUM, TOGAF, CMMI with over 20 years of experience within Public and Private Sectors. Adept at integrating industry best practices such as TOGAF, ITIL, CMMI, SCRUM, BABOK, PMBOK, TDD, and ISO using quantitative methods like SIX SIGMA principles on agile, iterative, and incremental solution development life cycles (SDLCs) distributed over multiple sites across the globe. Skilled at conducting process gap analysis, business readiness assessments, ensuring that the interfaces between ITSM (ITIL) processes meet standards, and developing end to end processes for global companies such as Alcatel, Siemens, and Central Bank of Turkey. PMP and ITIL certified.

His motto is “Success has four components 1. Happy stakeholders, e.g., sponsor, customers, users, etc. 2. Solid requirements management 3. Art of balancing the constraint of scope, time, cost, resources, risks, quality, etc. 4. A simple but effective measurement system to collect meaningful and reliable data on time ”

His definition of process: Process is People in action equipped with necessary tools and Technology to accomplish one or more business goals. A process diagram is not a process just like a network diagram is not a network or picture of a car is not a car! 🙂

DevOps, PMP, ITIL, CMMI, MSc Industrial Engineering, BSc Software Engineering. Can be reached at orhan@zoomtolearn.com

Areas of expertise:
♦ Governance & Gating Systems ♦ SCRUM ♦ Change Management
♦ Getting Results without Authority ♦ DevOps ♦ Test Driven Development
♦ Strategic Alignment ♦ Process Management ♦ Critical Thinking

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