DevOps Master Eğitimi : Planning, Requirements, Design

26 Kas 2018

DevOps Master Eğitimi : Planning, Requirements, Design

2. Planning, Requirements, and Design

  1. 2.1  Application or Service Lifecycle Management 4%The candidate can …
    1. 2.1.1  explain how DevOps adds value to modern Application Lifecycle Management
    2. 2.1.2  explain why DevOps improves customer experience when used for Service Lifecycle Management
  2. 2.2  Project Charter and Visual Control 4%The candidate can …
    1. 2.2.1  explain how a DevOps project’s scope should be determined
    2. 2.2.2  explain why Visual Control over a DevOps projects facilitates DevOpspractices
  3. 2.3  Infrastructure and Architecture Design 4%The candidate can …
    1. 2.3.1  explain how DevOps changes or influences the design of IT infrastructure and architecture
    2. 2.3.2  explain why Cloud computing and virtualization techniques make integrating Dev and Ops easier
  4. 2.4  Service Level Requirements and Agreements 2%The candidate can …

2.4.1 explain how DevOps changes Service Level Requirements and Agreements

2.5 Implementing a Testing Strategy 4%The candidate can …

  1. 2.5.1  explain why and how the Testing Strategy needs to be changed when transitioning to DevOps
  2. 2.5.2  analyze User Stories, Test Stories and Operation Stories for completeness