DevOps Master Eğitimi : Operation and Scaling

27 Kas 2018

DevOps Master Eğitimi : Operation and Scaling

4. Operation and Scaling

Managing Data; Infrastructure and Environments; and Components and

The candidate can …

  1. 4.1.1  explain which problems can be encountered when managing data indatabases within DevOps
  2. 4.1.2  analyze a scenario where a database is used in DevOps and providethe best solution to a problem
  3. 4.1.3  analyze a scenario and identify the best way to prepare aninfrastructure environment for deployment or manage it afterdeployment
  4. 4.1.4  analyze a scenario and suggest a commonly used strategy to managecomponents
  5. 4.1.5  explain how to manage dependencies

4.2 Configuration Management and Version control

The candidate can …

4.2.1  explain how to keep version control over data, infrastructure and components
4.2.2  analyze a scenario and suggest the best strategy to manage a configuration management problem

4.3 Cloud and Immutable Infrastructure

explain why version control is a key to effective DevOps

The candidate can …

  1. 4.3.1  explain when it is and when it is not necessary to move to Cloud-basedinfrastructure for effective DevOps
  2. 4.3.2  explain how Cloud-based infrastructure should be managed withinDevOps

4.4 Business Continuity 2%The candidate can …

4.4.1 explain how DevOps can facilitate Business Continuity practices

4.5 Scaling
The candidate can …

analyze a scenario, explain if and why it is important to scale up or down in that situation, and identify the best way to do that
analyze a scenario for what went wrong with scaling, and identify a good way to solve the problem

explain how social policy and hiring practices support scaling DevOps

5. End-of-Life

5.1 Conditions for End-of-Life of a product or service

5.1.1 explain which conditions should be met before terminating a service or product